Monday, December 27, 2010

Do not disturb

Happy Belated Christmas everyone.

I've been thoroughly enjoying my vacation so far.  One more week left of more relaxing, over indulging, sloth-ish behavior, and drinking festivities before heading back to reality.. SIGH. 

Checked out the new Forever21 Grand Opening day in Waikiki-- 3 stories full of clothes clothes and more clothes.  This is my kind of shopping I must say.  For a girl who owns a billion striped shirts, I still continue to buy MORE.  I walked out not damaging my wallet too hard.

Headed towards the East side of the island, Kailua, which also happened to be the same area the Obama family are staying for their family vacation.  Sadly, no Obama sighting and horrible weather all week which explains the gloomy pictures.  Went to this far side of the island to pick up a few items and to finally have my long anticipated lunch date with the boy.  With our navigation system in hand, we found our destination! Uahii Island Grill.  One word:  deeeelicious.

Hope everyone has a safe and festive New Years Eve!! 
I know I will be enjoying lots and lots of champagne drinking :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Loves It : Gold

Been obsessing over gold accesories, particularly jewelry for years now, and still going strong.. something about it just makes a simple outfit like a LBD pop with the right gold accessories.  Statement versus simple -- i think every girl needs both?

So simple. chic. minimal.

Weekend is finally here!  
Perhaps its time to start on some christmas shopping this weekend.. Sometimes I feel like Christmas should be more of quality time spent with other than gift giving, which is probably the reason I tell friends no gift exchanging and I'd much rather have a nice lunch/dinner date with them to catch up.. :)  

I am ready for the mall madness. Bring it. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Happy Train

What happens when you're having too much fun and not worrying about taking photos... means no blog to update. Aiyeee.  It's been awhile since i've updated. So here goes..

 UO Silk blouse, f21 leather shorts, Sam Edelman pumps, Givenchy bag

- Checked out Edition Lobby bar & Crazybox, hence the poor quality camera phone picture
- Feasted on 2 plates of Thanksgiving food
- Still fighting the thanksgiving belly bulge
- The usual bar hopping on the weekends in Waikiki - RumFire & Genius.
- Got lash extensions done
- Looking forward to Christmas feasting and New Years plans
- Hoping my happy train keeps choo choo-ing :)

Christmas is coming which means presents to buy for myself :) surprisingly my xmas list is short this year which is probably due to alot of things beyond my budget.sigh, but in the meantime, my list for santa :)

Lanvin ankle strap heels
Sultra Bombshell curling rod
Asos for Mawi necklace

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This past weekend I was blessed to be part of a beautiful wedding between my cousin Jennifer and her now husband Garrett.  She of course looked beautiful and the wedding was gorgeous. Unfortunately no camera, but this picture sums it all up.

Stayed at the TRUMP Honeymoon suite with the bridesmaids the evening before wedding. 3 rooms, 4 baths, kitch. Amazing.  Felt like a ballller drinking Dom Perignon and Cristal for the first time:)

I've only been to 2 weddings in my lifetime (being only 26, many of my friends have yet to tie the knot), and of those 2 I really believe that they are meant for each other. Ups and downs, but petty things don't get in the way.

I hope to one day find the kind of happiness they found in each other with someone.  Happiness with someone 5 years down the line to 50 years down the line, is hard to find, but once you've found it, hold on to it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pin up girl and ring leader

Halloween was not what I anticipated this year. Here was my day I had planned in mind:

    1. Did not plan to pass out treats to the neighborhood kids or go out with friends
    2. Intended on enjoying a nice glass of red wine and watching a scary movie in bed
    3. I had no costume prepared, thus the 2 things noted above.

So reality hit, and here's what went down on Saturday night:
  - The boy unexpectedly said he would go out
  - He fell asleep.  To compensate for him being a flake, I agreed to go out since they were already on their way to our house
  - Out the door in 5 minutes with my 10am makeup and  friends costume circa 2009. 
  - Went out and had some tipsy fun.  Again, forgetting camera this year, had to bust out the camera phone.
  - Realized I'm getting old for this stuff and I'd rather a host a party in the future.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloweeeeeeen.
 (sorry for the poor quality and lack of pictures from the camera phone)


Forget the clothes, I want the shhooooooz..

Ever since I saw the Isabel Marant Spring 2010 Poppy pumps on the runway, I fell in love with the pointed toe shoes once again. Yay for comebacks

H&M x Lanvin

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Too little, too much

The boy had an open weekend, so we decided to check out the local college campus for the kava festival at UH Manoa this Saturday. I've never heard or tried this drink before.  It's made from the roots of a pacfic plant which gives you a sort of sedative effect. Looks like dirt, taste like dirt.. One sip and immediate numbness of my tongue. I was hoping it would relax my knotted and tight lower back, unfortunately my high hopes got dissapointed.

It looks like dirt, it tastes like dirt.bleh.

 Enjoyed the afternoon trying out several kava.drinks from different regions of the pacific and bought our very own kava plant to take home and grow. In 3 years when fully matured, we will attempt to make our own!

 BB Dakota top, UO shorts, f21 camel belt, Burberry sunnies

Weekend, here I come

I've been neglecting my blog duties like a red headed stepchild.. I don't know how bloggers do it. It also doesn't help my 'photographer' (picture taker) gets embarrased taking pictures for me in public. To keep blogging, or to not..

Since I had some downtime while I waited for our friends to arrive, I asked my 'picture taker' to take some photos of my outfit Friday night. Headed down to my favorite place to go, Waikiki, at Genius Lounge. Love the ambiance and service they give us here.  It also doesn't help we frequent this place quite often ever since my sister introduced me to this place awhile back.

UO silk top, Club Monaco leather shorts, DV heels, Marc Jacobs watch

I couldn't resist, but I ended up getting 2 items from my previous post.  Leather and a watch-- both classic and totally practical right?  Yes, I think so :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What happens here, stays here

Finally had a chance to catch up on my well rested sleep due to the lack of sleep this past week in VEGAS for Jenn's bachelorette weekend.  Exhausting but it was well worth the FUN. 

Her SF friends decorated our suite, adorned with streamers, ridiculous balloons and pictures -- sorry no pics up close, but you get the picture from afar, let's keep this PG.

 How awesome are these cupcakes from her roomate! and how sweet is her Fiance -- sent up 3 bottles of champagne and strawberries for her and the girls!


Night 1 -- Dinner at Tao, club at Lavo & Tao.  Let's just say there wouldve been 2 more clubs added to this list, but I apparently couldnt make it ... :/

(f21 shorts c/o of friend, UO stop and DV heels)

Of course did some quickie shopping the next morning then another night of bachelorette dabauchery filled night. 

Night 2 -- Dinner @ First, Club @ Tao and XS. Jenn and her toy "Hairy Gary" along with her male part shot glass.

Our crazy limo ride to XS

(bebe dress, DV heels)

Ended the night consuming a bowl of pasta and a plate of fries and 2 hours of sleep before heading out to catch our 9AM flight back to reality.  Let the good times roll.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Lack of posts (again)... I've been holding back on my shopping addiction due to my vegas trip coming up so all I can do is 'click. click. zoom. zoom. stare' on items I want to BUY and HAVE.

1.  club Monaco Leather shorts (i still need moooore. My f21 shorts is just not enough)
2. Luxury Rebel camel booties
3.  ALC dress 
4.  Marc Jacobs menswear watch (yes, still searching for one, but i think this is the ONE)
5.  J. Crew Leopard belt

Leather and Leopard a MUST in every girls closet. 

Bachelorette party in Sin City is coming soon.  I have one night outfit down, and still searching for a second outfit.  I may end up digging through my own closet trying to find a non-existent vegas worthy oufit -- wish me luck on this one.  This trip made me realize that I have tons of casual day-to-night bar/lounge type pieces, but nothing fancy.  Immensely excited to get my shopping fix soon.  Let's hope I find cute things to bring them home with me :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time to unwind and let your hair down

Started off the weekend grabbing a few drinks.  Haven't gone out in awhile so it felt nice to unwind after a very very busy work week.  Do you ever feel like you're just working for the weekend and working just to pay the bills?  I really wonder how it feels to truly love what you do, then ultimately it won't feel like 'work'..

I love leather.. I wish I could actually own a pair of the real thing.  I lust for a camel colored leather top.  I die for a black and tan leather shorts and pants.  Stumbled upon these great faux leather shorts at f21! Has anyone else noticed how Forever21 has totally up'd their game?  They actually have a few items that are pretty decent. 

Vegas is coming up.  Excited, really excited.  I'm still coordinating what outfit to bring and in need of a 2nd night club outfit. 

Sheer panel top, leather shorts (f21)
Givenchy Nightingale bag

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sun kissed

First impression I get from people when I tell them "I love camping" is... ??!!!! You don't look like a camper.  Don't let the designer handbags and clothes fool you, I love the outdoors, it's just a shame I cant do it more often. 

Laziness crept up with me and forgot to put on sunscreen on my body.  Major sunburn.  Which makes my 'tan' look like dirt.. definitely not the sun kissed tan I was hoping for.  But look how beautiful our view was waking up in our tent every morning at 7am.