Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pin up girl and ring leader

Halloween was not what I anticipated this year. Here was my day I had planned in mind:

    1. Did not plan to pass out treats to the neighborhood kids or go out with friends
    2. Intended on enjoying a nice glass of red wine and watching a scary movie in bed
    3. I had no costume prepared, thus the 2 things noted above.

So reality hit, and here's what went down on Saturday night:
  - The boy unexpectedly said he would go out
  - He fell asleep.  To compensate for him being a flake, I agreed to go out since they were already on their way to our house
  - Out the door in 5 minutes with my 10am makeup and  friends costume circa 2009. 
  - Went out and had some tipsy fun.  Again, forgetting camera this year, had to bust out the camera phone.
  - Realized I'm getting old for this stuff and I'd rather a host a party in the future.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloweeeeeeen.
 (sorry for the poor quality and lack of pictures from the camera phone)

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