Friday, March 25, 2011

You're my favorite

Here are some beauty products that I absolutely can't live without that I use in my DAILY routine.

My number one favorite beauty product is the Clarisonic face brush that I received as a Christmas gift from the boy 2 years ago after much begging and pleading.   It does have a hefty price tag of $200, but if you're all about having great glowing skin as much as I am, this product will not disappoint or leave you regretting making the purchase.  Absolutely worth it.

1.    Clarisonic
2.    Boots Anti-aging serum
3.    NAKED palette by Urban Decay
4.    Anastasia Eyebrow pencil
5.    Nars blush in Orgasm
6.    MAC blush brush
7.    MAC eyeliner pencil
8.    Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner
9.    Bobbi Brown concealer duo
10.  MAC eyeshadow palette
 ** Forgot  to include my MAC bronzer (being as white as a ghost, this is a MUST)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Loves It: Color Block

How amazing is this Lookbook from Zara! Ob-sessed.  Yet again, another great store not available in Hawaii so on a hunt I shall go to find similar pieces.  A BIG trend this spring.. Color Blocking.

Mix. Mix. Mix.  Black gray and white colors are my comfort zone --- to shy away from your signature colors is hard, but fashion is ever-changing so I've introduced wardrobe to some 'color'.  Bold prints and bright colors can sometimes leave you looking cheap or tacky, so when I find that perfect piece, it's mine.  

Lack of posts due to me being in hibernation for about a month now?  Haven't had the urge to go out, thus no outfit posting.  Yet, I still continue to buy more clothes but yet have no place to wear out.  It's quite a contradiction and complete waste of my money!  But, a girl needs to shop and shopping is what keeps me sane and happy.  Let's take a moment and drool over these amazing pieces that i CANT purchase.