Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Loves It: Color Block

How amazing is this Lookbook from Zara! Ob-sessed.  Yet again, another great store not available in Hawaii so on a hunt I shall go to find similar pieces.  A BIG trend this spring.. Color Blocking.

Mix. Mix. Mix.  Black gray and white colors are my comfort zone --- to shy away from your signature colors is hard, but fashion is ever-changing so I've introduced wardrobe to some 'color'.  Bold prints and bright colors can sometimes leave you looking cheap or tacky, so when I find that perfect piece, it's mine.  

Lack of posts due to me being in hibernation for about a month now?  Haven't had the urge to go out, thus no outfit posting.  Yet, I still continue to buy more clothes but yet have no place to wear out.  It's quite a contradiction and complete waste of my money!  But, a girl needs to shop and shopping is what keeps me sane and happy.  Let's take a moment and drool over these amazing pieces that i CANT purchase.


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  1. totally in love with this collection!! PS. I use mac products;)