Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday / Cyber Monday only equals one thing ... Christmas came early for me :)

Started off my Black Friday at 8:30 am at Target and ended my day at 3pm at Ala Moana shopping center. And what did I have to show for about 7 hours of shopping... scored myself a $44 Singer Sewing Machine :) What more could a girl ask for. ha ha ha. No, but really I've been wanting one for the past year. I guess Black Friday did pay off.

Cyber Monday went off to a great start by picking up a few goodies online. Since Black Friday didn't leave me with any cute outfit purchases, my fallback of course is online shopping (90% of my clothes and shoes are bought online since it is so hard to find cute things in Hawaii).

Sadly, no bag purchases this year *tear*. It will have to wait. Overall satisfied with my purchase this year. No shopping until Jan 2010.

Friday, November 13, 2009

the cutest dog!

Walking through downtown to get my 3pm snack due to an overload of stress at work, me and my coworker came across the cutest little dog!! From far away he looked like a stuffed animal. So well groomed I must say.

I'm no fan of small dogs but this made me say 'awwww I want to take you home with me!'. Not only was it adorable it was so well behaved. Did not try to jump or lick me like most dogs and it allowed me to pet it without being shy, it loved the attention :)

Makes me want to get my king charles spaniel and beagle soon! Maybe it will be sooner than later with our recent purchase on a house!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I actually grew fond of Halloween over the couple of years.. It brings out the creative minds for many and its just plain fun!

This year, wanted to avoid a couple of things:

1) Traffic
2) Paying someone to valet my car when I can do it myself
3) Waiting 10 minutes around a bar just to get a darn drink

So, I avoided going back to Waikiki this year. Didn't want to be part of the wandering crowd . And, having a fractured toe this year, I opted to go someplace with seats.

Once again, I made my costume (with the help of my mom), last minute as usual, but it turned out pretty darn good. One downfall of the night -- no one brought their camera!! Thank goodness for camera phones -- not as good, but good enough :)

Flapper and Pinup girl

Gangster and Flapper

Smoking his cuban cigar