Sunday, November 1, 2009


I actually grew fond of Halloween over the couple of years.. It brings out the creative minds for many and its just plain fun!

This year, wanted to avoid a couple of things:

1) Traffic
2) Paying someone to valet my car when I can do it myself
3) Waiting 10 minutes around a bar just to get a darn drink

So, I avoided going back to Waikiki this year. Didn't want to be part of the wandering crowd . And, having a fractured toe this year, I opted to go someplace with seats.

Once again, I made my costume (with the help of my mom), last minute as usual, but it turned out pretty darn good. One downfall of the night -- no one brought their camera!! Thank goodness for camera phones -- not as good, but good enough :)

Flapper and Pinup girl

Gangster and Flapper

Smoking his cuban cigar

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