Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yes, THOSE shoes.

Damn, they came out with a slingback version... 
Can someone please get these so that I can adore them from afar? or perhaps if even borrow?
Total drool-worthy.

Charlotte Olympia slingbacks
gett'um here

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What a busy busy three-day weekend..
Headed out to Apartment3 Sunday night as it was their last night in business..
Coincidentally, the night before was my 10-year high school reunion held at Apartment3, which I did not attend.  Now, if there was such a thing like a 10-year college reunion, I would reconsider. :)

Finally got to wear out my peplum skirt that I got months ago but never found the time to wear it.
I'm head over heels with anything peplum. 
It definitely gives my boyishly non-cury hips some curves!
Kept it very simple going with a black & white outfit combo.  

Is it Friday yet?