Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arm Candy

Arm candy, the latest trend that I haven't quite experimented... Perhaps I'm just too picky about my selection, but really it's because my teeny tiny wrists can't adorn the normal size bracelets, waaaah!

My style for arm candy is mixing simpleness with a little edge OR you can go the other popular route and go a little Gypsy --- everything from Hermes to Cartier mixing with eclectic neon color friendship bracelets. Which is your style? What I would do to get an Hermes bracelet slapped on my wrist.. swoooon.

My personal favorite is of course Olivia Palermo's arm candy. 3 pieces of cc skye spike bracelet in gold and silver. so simple yet a statement piece. Get on my wrist!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Whoever created the term 'HAPPY HOUR' is a genius and I must thank you. Started in familiar territory then drifted through the night in unfamiliar terrortiy while walking aimlessly into the streets of tourist-filled Waikiki.

Definitely was in my comfort zone at my usual happy hour spot, then definately stuck out like a sore thumb as I ventured toward 'hawaiian' land... As I stood at the suffocating and overcrowded bar with a beer in hand, wearing my white blazer, I observed in passing, girls wearing skin tight dresses and borderline hooker heels.. stood out like a sore thumb.  Finished half my beer and jetted off.


4 cocktails, 1 glass of wine, 2 beers later this is the end result.  Singing karaoke in public..  Thank you alcohol for giving me 'beer- confidence' instead of 'beer-goggles'.
Asos blazer, f21 shorts

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gallivanting around

Late (really late) Fourth of July post..

Spent my 3 day weekend with alot of bbq-ing on our patio and feeding my mouth with meat, meat and more meat.  Of course, my weekend isn't officially a weekend without some cocktails.  Met up with a friend sipping on cocktails, wine and more cocktails, bar hopping, mischievous behavior,  late night karaoke, and finally ending the night satisfying our hunger pangs with comfort food -- saimen overloaded with Tabasco (don't judge.)

You can NOT end the night out without her wanting a bathroom picture. Can't stop it. lol


Plain White T's concert and fireworks on 4th of July. 

vintage top, f21 pink shorts, marc jacobs clutch (old), Valentino heels