Saturday, August 20, 2011


Found my new hi-top that I'm really obsessed with right now.
Looks like an average hi-top, but drooool, it's 3.1 Phillip Lim hi-top.
So not ostentatious, so subtle. so ME.
I need now. Ok, not need, more like I wish.
Boyfriend, are you reading? 
Juuust kidding, not really, sort of, no im joking, ok maybe not, nah I'm just joking, no I REALLy want :)

Get on my feet NOW.
Zukeroni, I hope you're still reading ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Street Style

image c/o carolinesmode

Cool Factor.
Shes definitely got it.
Every piece of item she has on, I want it on me. 
My inspiration of the day.

All black -- check.
Jimmy Choo sneakers -- double check.
Classic black prada bag -- check
Statement jewelry -- check.

One of the best fashion inspirations come from street style -- images of personal style reflecting the current runway fashion.  Average girls mixing in their own personal touches with in-the-moment pieces make the fashion scene such an eclectic mix and gives me a pool of inspiration to draw from.

Currently on my radar:
- a pair of hi-tops
- more arm candy
- Mesh over-sized sweater
- Pleated skirts
- loafers
- slouchy trouser
- Charlotte Olympia heels (this should be considered more of a 'wishlist')