Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here I am.  Taking a temporary break from blogging, but of course continually keeping up with the fashion scene, just not taking part in it as often as I would like.

Some 'new' things that I added to my closet:

Shimmer Top (Gap)
Stripe top (so prada-esque, f21)
Denim top (finallly! found a perfect denim shirt I love and fits so well, topshop)
Leather pleated skirt (finally! as close as it comes to the much coveted Zara version, Free People)

Super sunglasses, thrifted top, UO shorts, Celine bag, jcrew flats

Checked out the Kava festival again this year at UH Manoa campus -- very candid shot, thus the unflattering  photo of me.  The wavering weather kept our stay here short -- sun, rain, sun rain.... 

BTW,  I heart my new sunglasses.  Mix of the norm ray ban wayferers mixed with a slight edge.