Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This past weekend I was blessed to be part of a beautiful wedding between my cousin Jennifer and her now husband Garrett.  She of course looked beautiful and the wedding was gorgeous. Unfortunately no camera, but this picture sums it all up.

Stayed at the TRUMP Honeymoon suite with the bridesmaids the evening before wedding. 3 rooms, 4 baths, kitch. Amazing.  Felt like a ballller drinking Dom Perignon and Cristal for the first time:)

I've only been to 2 weddings in my lifetime (being only 26, many of my friends have yet to tie the knot), and of those 2 I really believe that they are meant for each other. Ups and downs, but petty things don't get in the way.

I hope to one day find the kind of happiness they found in each other with someone.  Happiness with someone 5 years down the line to 50 years down the line, is hard to find, but once you've found it, hold on to it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pin up girl and ring leader

Halloween was not what I anticipated this year. Here was my day I had planned in mind:

    1. Did not plan to pass out treats to the neighborhood kids or go out with friends
    2. Intended on enjoying a nice glass of red wine and watching a scary movie in bed
    3. I had no costume prepared, thus the 2 things noted above.

So reality hit, and here's what went down on Saturday night:
  - The boy unexpectedly said he would go out
  - He fell asleep.  To compensate for him being a flake, I agreed to go out since they were already on their way to our house
  - Out the door in 5 minutes with my 10am makeup and  friends costume circa 2009. 
  - Went out and had some tipsy fun.  Again, forgetting camera this year, had to bust out the camera phone.
  - Realized I'm getting old for this stuff and I'd rather a host a party in the future.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloweeeeeeen.
 (sorry for the poor quality and lack of pictures from the camera phone)


Forget the clothes, I want the shhooooooz..

Ever since I saw the Isabel Marant Spring 2010 Poppy pumps on the runway, I fell in love with the pointed toe shoes once again. Yay for comebacks

H&M x Lanvin