Monday, December 27, 2010

Do not disturb

Happy Belated Christmas everyone.

I've been thoroughly enjoying my vacation so far.  One more week left of more relaxing, over indulging, sloth-ish behavior, and drinking festivities before heading back to reality.. SIGH. 

Checked out the new Forever21 Grand Opening day in Waikiki-- 3 stories full of clothes clothes and more clothes.  This is my kind of shopping I must say.  For a girl who owns a billion striped shirts, I still continue to buy MORE.  I walked out not damaging my wallet too hard.

Headed towards the East side of the island, Kailua, which also happened to be the same area the Obama family are staying for their family vacation.  Sadly, no Obama sighting and horrible weather all week which explains the gloomy pictures.  Went to this far side of the island to pick up a few items and to finally have my long anticipated lunch date with the boy.  With our navigation system in hand, we found our destination! Uahii Island Grill.  One word:  deeeelicious.

Hope everyone has a safe and festive New Years Eve!! 
I know I will be enjoying lots and lots of champagne drinking :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Loves It : Gold

Been obsessing over gold accesories, particularly jewelry for years now, and still going strong.. something about it just makes a simple outfit like a LBD pop with the right gold accessories.  Statement versus simple -- i think every girl needs both?

So simple. chic. minimal.

Weekend is finally here!  
Perhaps its time to start on some christmas shopping this weekend.. Sometimes I feel like Christmas should be more of quality time spent with other than gift giving, which is probably the reason I tell friends no gift exchanging and I'd much rather have a nice lunch/dinner date with them to catch up.. :)  

I am ready for the mall madness. Bring it. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Happy Train

What happens when you're having too much fun and not worrying about taking photos... means no blog to update. Aiyeee.  It's been awhile since i've updated. So here goes..

 UO Silk blouse, f21 leather shorts, Sam Edelman pumps, Givenchy bag

- Checked out Edition Lobby bar & Crazybox, hence the poor quality camera phone picture
- Feasted on 2 plates of Thanksgiving food
- Still fighting the thanksgiving belly bulge
- The usual bar hopping on the weekends in Waikiki - RumFire & Genius.
- Got lash extensions done
- Looking forward to Christmas feasting and New Years plans
- Hoping my happy train keeps choo choo-ing :)

Christmas is coming which means presents to buy for myself :) surprisingly my xmas list is short this year which is probably due to alot of things beyond my budget.sigh, but in the meantime, my list for santa :)

Lanvin ankle strap heels
Sultra Bombshell curling rod
Asos for Mawi necklace