Saturday, December 5, 2009

In Love...

In search for a puppy too add into our home, I got a call from Pet's Discount this week that Beagles have arrived! :)  After the bf picked me up from work and dinner at Boulevard Saimen (yum), we eagerly headed to Pet's Discount to play with the beagle puppies.

Headed right toward the beagles, we saw one that caught our eye -- it was staring straight at us with those sad puppy eyes.  After playing around with the cutest little thing, I was in love..... With a puppy name already in mind, Lucy' for a girl and 'Ricky' for a boy -- of course named after my favorite old time tv show "I Love Lucy", I was in love with her.  Sadly, after an hour of playtime with her we weren't able to purchase the cutie due to not being able to move into our home until 2 weeks and their 1 hour holding policy. And with no puppy babysitter we had to say bye. *tear*

Isn't she the cutest little thing?  Sad to let her go.  Didn't bark, howl or a lick -- you could say it was the perfect puppy.  Too bad timing was not on my side.  My future 'Lucy' and 'Ricky' shall come another time.