Sunday, September 26, 2010

What happens here, stays here

Finally had a chance to catch up on my well rested sleep due to the lack of sleep this past week in VEGAS for Jenn's bachelorette weekend.  Exhausting but it was well worth the FUN. 

Her SF friends decorated our suite, adorned with streamers, ridiculous balloons and pictures -- sorry no pics up close, but you get the picture from afar, let's keep this PG.

 How awesome are these cupcakes from her roomate! and how sweet is her Fiance -- sent up 3 bottles of champagne and strawberries for her and the girls!


Night 1 -- Dinner at Tao, club at Lavo & Tao.  Let's just say there wouldve been 2 more clubs added to this list, but I apparently couldnt make it ... :/

(f21 shorts c/o of friend, UO stop and DV heels)

Of course did some quickie shopping the next morning then another night of bachelorette dabauchery filled night. 

Night 2 -- Dinner @ First, Club @ Tao and XS. Jenn and her toy "Hairy Gary" along with her male part shot glass.

Our crazy limo ride to XS

(bebe dress, DV heels)

Ended the night consuming a bowl of pasta and a plate of fries and 2 hours of sleep before heading out to catch our 9AM flight back to reality.  Let the good times roll.

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