Sunday, October 10, 2010

Too little, too much

The boy had an open weekend, so we decided to check out the local college campus for the kava festival at UH Manoa this Saturday. I've never heard or tried this drink before.  It's made from the roots of a pacfic plant which gives you a sort of sedative effect. Looks like dirt, taste like dirt.. One sip and immediate numbness of my tongue. I was hoping it would relax my knotted and tight lower back, unfortunately my high hopes got dissapointed.

It looks like dirt, it tastes like dirt.bleh.

 Enjoyed the afternoon trying out several kava.drinks from different regions of the pacific and bought our very own kava plant to take home and grow. In 3 years when fully matured, we will attempt to make our own!

 BB Dakota top, UO shorts, f21 camel belt, Burberry sunnies

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  1. Love the cut on the back of your top. What a cute plant!
    Great blog, would love you to visit mine if you have the chance.