Monday, April 5, 2010

Wishful Thinking

While many think that living in Hawaii is paradise, there is a huge downfall living on this tiny island -- the lack of selection on clothes and stores!  This includes UO (avid online shopper), H&M, Zara, Top Shop and IKEA (I'll throw IKEA in the mix even though it has nothing to do with clothes).  On one hand, I wish those stores would open up locations in Hawaii. On the other hand, it would mean an unfulfilled shopping trip to the mainland.  So I'm torn, I just wished H&M and Zara would start online shopping -- the latter coming soon this Fall!

Previewed the H&M 2010 Spring collection this morning.  Jealous.  Makes me wish I was back living in LA just so I can own some of these.  I will just have to stick to online shopping for now.

Just booked my Vegas trip in September so hopefully I find alot of cute stuff when I get up there :)

Happy Easter everyone.  Enjoyed the rainy day with lots of food and egg painting. Experimented with box wine from Target.  Conclusion: never buy box wine. never again.

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