Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Love to venture into new places and check out new things.

Downtown was once my after-work playground, but recently due to the overabundance of police check-points, this part of town remains to be a rare outing.  Fine eateries such as Soul De Cuba (verdict: good!) was on our list as well as bar hopping to my usual 39Hotel and discovering new places like BambuTwo --- to which I was a bit dissapointed!


Also ventured out into another part of the city I rarely visit, Waikiki.  With my fair complexion and  tourist-like appearance, I could easily be mistaken as a tourist - *peace sign*.  Doing what I do best, I enjoyed a brief and quick shopping fix before continuing the drinking festivities.

Learning from the pro's -- taking a cab into waikiki is ideal. 
Again, with the bubbles. Love it.

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