Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Age is just a number

Another year older? Yes. Another year wiser? Perhaps.  Another year more accomplished?  hmmm...still working on that.

(why do I sip champagne so oddly?)

Thai Food (one of my favorites), Bubbles (a must for every anniversary and birthday occasion) and Chocolate Haupia pie (extracted all the whip cream off before taking a bite into this delicious dessert)

Skipped the fine dining this year, and instead had an intimate and quiet dinner at home with the bf. Dress up will need to be saved for upcoming festivities.  Also, pigged out Jambong, Creampot and cupcakes (thanks familia and coworkers).  Geezus, I really really really need to hit the gym again!

Getting older means a must needed 2pm nap on the weekends and feeling 'oh so good' after sipping on 2 cocktails.  It's actually pretty awesome. I'm not complaining about getting old.  I mean who wants to stay 22 years young forever?  I can't wait to get old,  retire and take memorable trips with the lover. Dolce Vita.

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