Monday, March 22, 2010

Put a ring on it

I've been obsessed with cocktail rings for awhile now and while my collection is small, i really do heart them.  I need to start adding to my collection again since I've lost a couple during bathroom mishaps of leaving them on the counter to wash my hands then returning back to find them gone! (ring stealers are evil). 

My usual source to find cute and unique rings are f21 and random stores I happen to walk into and go straight to their accessories section.  The inspiration I go for when choosing my rings are: One, somewhat of a vintage feel and two, simple but BIG and BOLD.  I tend to lean toward anything gold.

My current love is my gold square ring i purchased about 3 months ago at Club MOnaco, which by the way is one of my favorite stores (I only wish I could afford everything in there).  It's so simple yet its Big and Bold. Sadly it happens to have some scuffs and scratches -- maybe I can pick up another pair if they still have them in stock.

Need to start up my routine again and go on a hunt for more rings to adorn my fingers.  My tiny wrists won't allow me to wear cuffs and bracelets, it just completely falls off. what a shame. 

don't mind my short stubby fingers.

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