Monday, March 15, 2010

R & R

Finally got to use my organically grown Cilantro to make my first attempt at homemade salsa for Fajitas! Of course we didn't get the smoky and grilling sound effect you would get on a stone grill at a restaurant, but my frying pan did its job.

I contribute my love of Mexican food to living in LA for 4 years. I was extremely sad to move back home to find a rare pick of 'authentic' Mexican places and people who haven't been introduced to real Mexican thinking Taco Bell is the real deal -- it's slim pickings here!

Salsa -- Success
Fajita -- 2nd trial coming soon

Enjoying some R&R is how I like to enjoy my weekends.  A nice cold beer in hand, going to a  college baseball game (no relation to my Alma Mater, go Lions! ha) and sitting under a shady tree watching family fun softball is quite calming.


Let's minus the 12" hot dog and  garlic fries I devoured.  Being at a baseball game is like giving yourself a 'Free Pass' to eat like a fat kid, to which I can happily remove off my 'Trying to Eat Healthy' promise I made to myself due to my slowing metabolism I was fortunate to have my entire life.  That's old age kicking in.

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