Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wine & Dine

I love wine. Red wine, white wine, I love them all.

A Napa Valley trip has been definitely overdue (tightening my money belt these days) so until that trip can be made we are always looking for any events/locations that give us the same experience.  Thus, we ventured into wine tasting in Hawaii at 'Wine the Experience' in Kapahulu -- cute and quaint would describe the interior space.  Of course its no Napa Valley, but they did their best to try and give it that same experience you would get visiting a typical winery.

I am a wine-o, so we couldn't just stop at our 6 wine tasting, so we went ahead and purchased a bottle to what we thought was the 'thumbs up' of all 6 tastings.

Dined to my favorite type of food, Japanese, at Tokkuritei.   Ended the night with a breezy stroll through the streets of Kapahulu.

I'm really into the messy up-do bun right now. 

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