Monday, June 7, 2010


I've been wanting to get my own full length mirror for quite some time.   Unfortunately having no IKEA here, I made a trip down to Inspiration this past weekend eagerly anticipating to find my perfect mirror.  

I was looking for something along these lines .... Dark wood framing.

 I love furniture shopping!! I could do it every weekend. To my disappointment, I couldn't find this particular style so I bought the closest thing to it.  Overall, satisfied with my purchase.  Combination of dark wood and stainless steel framing. Love.

Don't mind the clutter and the missing curtains/blinds in the room.  We're still trying to move in and decorate.

I think I've found a passion.. or perhaps it's just a hobby? I love remodeling and redecorating interior and exterior spaces.  Working on renovating our outdoor patio.

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