Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red White and Blue

Much needed 3 day weekend is finally here. Enjoying it with bbq grilling, eating and drinking.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

  Currently trying out a messy bun with loose wavy curls in the front -- inspiration from my style inspiration, Oliva Palermo.

the most ridiculous car lol

 Attempted to make my own Phillycheesesteak sandwich for lunch.  Trying to replicate DnB's philly cheesesteak which didn't turn out as good as I was imagining it to be, but the BF said it was deeeelicious, so I'll pat myself on the back.   Note to self: add more cheese.  Baked (not fried) some crispy fries. YUM.

French bread
Mushrooms, onions, and green bell peppers
Thinly sliced ribeye
Provolone slices
Salt & Pepper

studded top (urban), leather leggings (f21), cardigan (gap), DV heels

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