Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sake to me

Did anyone get the headline?  har har.  If not, I should stick to my day job :)

Perused the sake aisle today and let me tell you, selection selection.  Is it me or does 100+ options give a sense of intimidation?  Only recently have I started to explore sake--  the goold 'ol college days have eliminated my palette for any type of 'vodka' on the tip of my tongue.  Thanks to the boys birthday dinner and ongoing chatter about the appetizing taste of sake I've recently enjoyed this type of consumption.

UO denim shorts, f21 blouse, Cynthia Vincent x target wedges, Chanel purse

In search of Kamoizumi and DewaZakura sake.

This heat is really bothering me.   I find that blouses (long sleeve, can you believe!) along with some denim cut offs and summer wedges make a perfect summer outfit.   A little sophistication to accompany the summer heat.  When is the "winter in hawaii" arriving???  I want to bundle up!

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  1. you look great! Thanks for the sweet comment. My trousers are vintage.