Monday, February 8, 2010

Current Obsession ... check!

What happens when you are overwhelmed with stress from work?  Retail therapy is the solution, of course. In my case, it was a HUGE retail therapy session.

With NM finally carrying the Givenchy label and basically the only place to purchase this in Hawaii, i HAD to have it!  I have an unhealthy purse shopping habit. Help. Bags Anonymous, help.

In my defense, I am helping to boost the economy by spending my $$$.  Obama told me so.

I had to jump on the bandwagon -- people surrounding me with their recent Chanel bag (forever classic) and Alexander Wang coco duffel (total 'it' bag) purchase, it was my turn! Talk about self peer pressure.

Black, subtle gold detail, simple, chic.. i

(I really do need to upgrade my 2.0 mexapixel camera phone..)

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