Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Current obsession

November is rolling near, which means... eeek! a possible new bag purchase.. Last year during Blackout Friday, I purchased my first Chloe!!! the chloe medium paraty in chocolate brown. Can I just say the best purchase made!

Of course it looks like any other purse to the average girl but to the fashion obsessed it was the IT bag of the season, hanging around the arms of Katie Holmes, Ashley Olsen, Jessica Biel and and Kate Bosworth. I was more than ecstatic when I snatched the very last one at Ala Moana Nordstrom... lets just say it was an early xmas gift to myself ... :)

Ok, so my current obsession, the Givenchy Nightingdale, came out last season, but it doesnt mean its not worthy to be seen out at the mall or a night out in town .. every girl needs a simple beautiful black purse, right?

chic, simple, elegant.... I die.

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